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The smooth running of a business with minimal IT costs is a pressing challenge for any company, even in peacetime. However, today the issue of information security is crucial.

Currently, there is a threat of power outages, loss of Internet connection, inability to provide technical support, and cyber attacks. It is also possible to rule out the possibility of physical destruction of servers and other force majeure in regions where there are hostilities.

What the business needs:

  • continuous work during martial law

  • minimizing the cost of renting resources

  • accelerated implementation of new services

  • reliable data storage

What solutions do we offer:

  • choosing a reliable data center

  • cloud migration

  • save backups to a remote location

  • protection against cyberattacks

  • IT infrastructure maintenance

Setting up a fault-tolerant IT infrastructure is an investment in security and stable business operations. The Qmaro team understands that today Ukrainian companies have difficulties in maintaining their own IT departments, so they are ready to take on urgent issues: from the implementation of large projects, to "patching holes" by connecting a specialist for the time you need.

Our advantage is our qualified specialists:

  • System administrator

  • Network administrator

  • Database administrator

  • Information security analyst

  • System architect

Discounted price for all work until the end of martial law from $ 22 per hour*. If you are interested, register an application through the site and we will be sure to contact you.

*only for Ukrainian companies

If you are interested, just contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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