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Information Security

Digital business transformation increases the risk of cyber threats resulting in increased opportunities to penetrate corporate networks. Cyber attacks shift from the financial sector to industry, transport, retail and other economic sectors. New attack objects emerge, such as networks of IoT devices. The multiplicity and complexity of threats are constantly growing and virtually all of them are aimed at critical information. Therefore not only large, but also medium and small businesses acknowledge the importance of protecting their IT infrastructure and information, and increasingly invest in information security solutions.

Network Security. Firewall

Web Application Security

Endpoint Security

Vulnerability management

Data lost protection

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Network Security. Integrated service for the implementation of the Next Generation Firewall

Network security technologies protect your network from unauthorized use of confidential business information, malicious attacks of Internet worms and Internet viruses.

Network security is not based on one single method, but it uses a set of barriers that protect your business with the aid of various methods. Even if one solution fails, others will continue to operate so as to protect your company and its data from a broad range of network attacks.


We offer a range of services to secure business:


  • Design and introduction of systems to protect the external perimeter of the network from attacks from the Internet

  • Introduction of Internet access security and traffic filtering systems

  • Organization of a managed and secure access to the network in offices and from the Internet

  • Licensing, delivery of Fortinet equipment and software

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) and protection from Cyberthreats 

Almost every website on the Internet has been attacked. The violators compromise a web application, obtain access to the server or database. There are many people who have made hacking into a rather profitable but illegal business. It may be both targeted attacks on the website, to retrieve information for sale or on a by-order basis, and also non-targeted attacks when websites break down because of one or two vulnerabilities on a mass scale. Usually, website owners learn that a component is vulnerable already after hacking.


The DDoS mechanism for protecting websites and applications - Web Application Firewall (WAF) - is an application-level security screen designed to detect and block modern attacks on web resources, including those using zero-day vulnerabilities. This protection mechanism makes it possible to block attacks of the OWASP TOP 10 category, their aggregates and combinations.

Endpoint Protection Systems

The employee's workplace (endpoint) is the most vulnerable object for conducting a successful hacker attack. Protection of workplaces is necessary and relevant for any type of business, irrespective of the IT infrastructure size. Lack of reliable endpoint protection allowed to carry out such attacks as Petya, WannaCry, and Bad Rabbit. Worldwide, damage from WannaCry alone is estimated at more than $4 billion.


The Endpoint Protection closes potential attack vectors on endpoints and protects the most vulnerable elements of the IT infrastructure – workplaces of employees.


We offer a whole range of solutions for endpoint protection:


  • Antivirus protection of workstations

  • Centralized antivirus protection of an enterprise

  • Preparation of conformity policy

  • Reports on threats, viruses

Search, analysis and elimination of vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure and Core IT services, including hardware environments

Prevention is the best defence. Scanning network and server infrastructure components for security vulnerabilities allows to find and timely eliminate security violations. Development of corporate infrastructure, adding new services in the company - all this requires regular analysis of infrastructure security.



We offer a comprehensive solution for ensuring the safe operation of the IT infrastructure, through the identification and classification (determination of criticality levels) of potentially dangerous areas. Our specialists will present options to eliminate the vulnerabilities found. We can also assist in carrying out a block of design and engineering works on setting up / implementing systems.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

When it comes to leakage of confidential corporate data, the main fears of the management usually are, quite rightfully, financial and reputational risks to the company. The reason for such leaks may be both the order of competitors and the inaccuracy of the company's employees.


The solution to the problem is Data Loss Prevention (DLP) systems. The DLP systems serve as a tool to control communication relations of the staff, detect signs of fraud at an early stage, and conduct investigations. Continuous tracking of employee activity is simply necessary in order to respond in a timely manner to any illegal actions that may cause financial harm to the organization.


Tasks and peculiarities:

  • Ensuring protection of confidential information from leakage with full control over its transmission channels;

  • Adaptation to industry specifics and legal requirements;

  • Availability of funds to conduct investigations into IS incidents and legal protection of the organization's interests;

  • For companies of any size;

  • Monitoring and data analysis;

  • Automatic classification of information flows.


We offer the best DLP solutions from our vendors.

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