Consulting and Audit services

IT consulting – a service as to giving consultations to a customer on IT and Information Security issues of his or her business.

On the basis of the data provided about the company, the specialist conducts a consultation, indicates which areas of the company need deeper analysis, wherein the infrastructure may be weaknesses, and assesses the overall state of the IT infrastructure of the company.


Qmaro provides comprehensive professional services in the sphere of IT-consulting for small and medium businesses. We shall give you all possible solutions to your technical problems and determine the optimum option for you.

Audit – study and expert evaluation of the company's IT infrastructure as a whole, and of its individual components.

The main difference from consulting: audit is a complete analysis of the company's IT infrastructure, and consulting is a consultation given to the customer on the basis of the data provided by him or her about the company. In the first case, a specialist may need rights and access for a qualitative audit of the company. It is a full analysis of the company's IT infrastructure that enables to assess its effectiveness and identify weaknesses.

Main tasks during the audit:

  • To assess the efficiency of the budget spent on IT tasks

  • To assess the effectiveness of the IT department, as well as the overall training level of the staff;

  • To identify the areas in the infrastructure and business processes, where IT systems are not used effectively enough, to develop recommendations to improve efficiency and redistribute the load;

  • To assess the operation of the systems and processes that ensure the security of the company's data;

  • To assess the risks to the company's information assets, identify methods to minimize these risks;

  • To ensure that all IT-related processes comply with industry laws and standards

  • To develop a problem-solving roadmap.